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Style: Cloth (Free Flow)

Fiber: Milliken-Certified WearOn® Nylon Type 6,6

Type: Carpet Tile

Size: 19.7″ x 19.7″

Backing: PVC-Free Underscore® ES Cushion


Lifetime Face Fiber Wear
Lifetime Antimicrobial Protection (AlphaSan®)
Lifetime Antistatic
Lifetime Cushion Resiliency
Lifetime Moisture Resistance
Lifetime Delamination of Backing
Lifetime Staining/Soiling (StainSmart®)
Lifetime Dimensional Stability
Lifetime Tuft Bind
Lifetime Edge Ravel

Free Flow Cloth Specifications

Cleaning and Maintenance

Adhesive Options:

Non Reactive Standard

Tractionback Plus

Traction Back

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